Commercial Grime Ultimate

Decrease the stress of building maintenance.

You can decrease the stress of building maintenace and get discounted pricing by choosing a GrimeUltimate scheduled maintenance plan.

The presentation of your home or commercial building reflects on yourself or your business. That’s why we have a passion for exterior washing and obsessive service – we want you to have presentation you can be proud of, and customer service that makes you smile.

We’ll create a customised program to suit your property requirements with 3 monthly or 6 monthly visits with a fixed price for two years or more.
This way you know you’re getting the best value, best price and the most comprehensive care!

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A GrimeUltimate package affords you the most value because fixed, regular maintenance means there are time and resource efficiencies in providing your desired property outcomes. Payment options can be fixed or flexible and long term agreements made so there are no hidden surprises.

With a GrimeUltimate scheduled maintenance plan, you can rest easy knowing that with one decision you have ongoing care of your commercial building or home – keeping it looking good and maintained.

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