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Want to get rid of flies, spiders, cockroaches, ants or other bugs?

Our specialised insect control treatments can help you enjoy a bug-free home.
You can use our insect control service by itself, or combined with our house washing service. If you’re booking our house washing service, we highly recommend having us also treat the exterior of your home immediately with our insect control service immediately after washing it.

spiderweb control


spider and pest control

Most of our spider treatments involve simply treating the exterior of a house or building to kill any existing spiders and prevent new ones from establishing themselves. We offer a solid 3 month cobweb free guarantee on any residential property if we have also done the cleaning prior to the treatment. As the notorious white tail spider feeds on other spiders it is prudent to have this done to prevent large populations of spiders around your home in the first instance. This treatment will of course kill and prevent white tails from habiting as well. Occasionally (if there is a high population of white tails on a property particularly with smaller children, we may recommend spraying the inside of the house and the attic/ceiling cavity aswell.


Most of the cockroach issues we deal with are fairly typical of 1-4 cockroaches finding their way into the home or bathroom on a weekly basis. Typically these will be Gisborne cockroaches that wander in from the garden. Our outside treatments on the house or building generally creates a band or area that they walk over picking up the treatment on their sticky legs. As they groom themselves often (hard to believe) they take the product into their systems and drop off. We provide a 3 month guarantee but many people will find the treatment effective for longer. We will often use a subfloor dusting treatment to complement the spray also.

If you are experiencing 10 -100 small cockroaches especially around your kitchen drawers and appliances, hot water cupboard etc you will have an infestation of some degree to which we will generally use a baiting programme which is very quick and effective.


Ants are actually becoming more of a problem around properties in New Zealand as a few of the species were actually introduced. We are trained in the latest ant control technologies in New Zealand specifically for New Zealand conditions and has proven efficacy against all ant species in NZ including Argentine and Darwin as well as outdoor cockroaches.

The limitations of using one product as a ‘stand alone’ control method have been shown over the last 10 years to have severe limitations. In consideration of both indoor and outdoor environments a number of products have been incorporated into a ‘total ant control strategy’, called the Biff Ant Programme. The leading player in this group of products is Biff Ant® which can be used on all exterior surfaces including trees, lawns, concrete paths and exteriors of buildings.

Fly Control
fly and pest control

Fly populations seem to vary a little from summer to summer however most of our spraying is done January through to March. The process involves spraying the inside ceiling and walls with a misting application that leaves an insecticide on the surfaces the flies land on. It is most effective for 6 weeks but will have residual effects for up to 3 months. Flies will still come in through open doors and windows but tend to drop off once they land on the sprayed surfaces and begin their regurgitation process. The property is required to be empty for a minimum of 4 hours after the spray to allow it to settle. Information about this process and preparation is emailed out prior to the treatment.

Have problems with other pests? We've got you covered, keeping those annoying birds and rodents at bay!

Birds and rodents may look friendly but unfortunately carry with them contamination risks to produce and can cause significant damage to crops. This is incredibly frustrating for both commercial and residential environments. If you are overwhelmed by the constant bird and rodent invasions then reach out, we have numerous humane pest control solutions available!

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