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Have you got a dirty roof or gutters and need roof cleaning done from experts?

Grime Off Now offers roof cleaning, moss removal and gutter cleaning in the most powerful way. Effective roof cleaning helps in the removal of organisms like roof algae, moss, and lichen that stain your roof and damage the roof surface.

Our Mouldkill approach is economic and gentler way to get rid of moss & mould. Sometimes, however, it is better to give the surface a good initial clean and then maintain it with our MouldKill process going forward. These are all things we can discuss when quoting for you.

red roof tiles


moss on roof tiles

Moss, mould and lichen can accelerate oxidisation by penetrating the paint or other fine surface membranes with their growth and by holding moisture on to the surface. This can expose the more susceptible elemental components of the roof system greatly increasing the likelihood of rust corrosion and surface degradation.

Our MouldKill treatment is used on 90% of our roof treatments.
This process neutralises growth (algae, lichen, mould and spores) and then allows it to naturally weather off without the use of heavy pressure washing. Water blasting is used in some cases when required.

selection of dirty gutters

Do you have grass growing in your gutters? Or blocked and overflowing gutters?

We remove organic debris from gutters and then check to see that the storm water system is flowing correctly and advise on this.

This helps to prevent ponding where water sitting in the system can increase likeliness of corrosion. Improper maintenance here can also invalidate both manufacture and producer warranties.

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